Top Tech Now

Developer/Manager (3 Years)

TopTechNow.Com is a website I started when I was 12, It has over 25 articles written on various topics in Tech that relate to teenagers. This is where I got my start in Tech. The satisfaction you get from working hard, and watching your traffic grow is amazing. Through developing this website I learned various valuable skills that I am still using today. These include HTML, CSS, SEO, Social Media Marketing and Online Promotion. 

SEO Consultant (3 Months)

Brainflash Is a company dedicated to helping students find what career path they should take. Using a 12 question personality test, Brainflash first decides your basic personality and what careers would best fit you. Over my consultancy here at Brainflash, I did SEO for the Website, and keyword exploration for content. Also, market research became a big part of my job towards the end of my time here, finding what demographics would benefit most from our site.

Intern (14 Months)

HQ is a design and development firm that specializes in Web and Mobile. I learned a tremendous amount through my time spent at HQ. I primarily did Quality Assurance for Websites, Web Apps and Mobile Apps. I've done this for over 25 Websites that HQ has built for clients. Along with QA I did Market Research looking for potential clients and reviewing our client sources. During this time I paid my dues as an intern doing all the cliche intern things(Getting Coffee, Changing the Boss's Oil and Getting Flowers for those who forgot on Valentines Day). 

SEO Consultant (4 Months) 

Allmoxy is a cloud-based small business software for manufacturing, woodworking, cabinet door manufacturers to sell their custom products and to automate business. Allmoxy was an awesome place to work, my primary responsibility here was SEO for both Allmoxy.Com, as well as the parent company of Allmoxy, LewisCabinet.Com. Along with SEO, I did a lot with generating leads on prospective clients through targeted Social Marketing. 

Founder (Present)

A Dapper App LLC is an app company I started in early 2015, under the name I put out 3 apps, Ripple Drop(iOS and Android), Photo Fold(Android) and Dyno Run(iOS). Throughout this experience I was able to learn a huge amount about UI/UX Design, Adobe CC Products and Product Marketing.

I am currently serving as a missionary for the LDS Church but will resume my startup endeavours when I return in October 2017