I'm Landon Bassett
Here is a little bit about me as a person and my process as a designer.

I’ve always loved creating and working on interesting things. As a teenager, I began to take an interest in websites and software. I thought it was amazing that I could create a site and share it with anyone in the world. My love for creating continued to grow as I worked through high school at a design agency and saw simple ideas come to life. 


As I’ve worked for several VC backed startups and on my own, my skills and taste for building great products has improved and so has my process.  For the startups, I've worked on everything from design to user acquisition. My own projects have generated over 10MM unique views, and over $30k in Q4 of 2018. Every part of my design cycle revolves around the user and how we can make their life easier. If we can eliminate pain points and build out a seamless process, users will advocate for the product.


Feel free to reach out to me, I'm always looking for new things to work on.