Agency Site Redesign

Building a competitive site with a modern design that will drive more leads.

design site.jpg

The Problem 

This redesign was done for a PPC and design agency. Although, they had a steady flow of new business, their site was built on a template and outdated. The goal was to build a new custom site that was designed around converting viewers to leads. 

The agency had done a fantastic job creating original content and this is where the majority of their traffic came from. The difficulty was a low percentage of those viewers were converting into lead traffic. 

Users & Audience

This site is targeted at marketing professionals who are looking to elevate their skills. With dozens of quality "how to" articles on marketing tasks, they have a steady flow of targeted traffic. 

Team & Role

I was the sole designer on this project, and worked closely with the CEO of the company to achieve what he was looking for. Having total design control with high quality feedback was incredibly helpful in creating this site.  

Design Process

The client wanted the blueprint for the site to stay the same, but for most of the visual elements to be updated. Because of all the great business this agency had done, I wanted client testimonials to be the focal point of the homepage. More specifically, we were hyper-focused on client metrics. I looked at a variety of top performing agencies around the country and took inspiration from them to create a unique look for the updated site. 

Here is the original Wordpress template site next to the redesign that I created. 

screencapture-lineardesign-2021-02-20-11_46_20 1.png


This site was updated to the redesign and has had a great performance. The modern redesign has taken the agency to the next level and they are growing faster than ever.