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3 Months

DesignHub is a collaborative platform for designers where they can store and display  designs. During the design process, files are easily lost and feedback is not always communicated efficiently. DesignHub streamlines the process by having everything in one place and makes it easy to handoff your files to developers. 

The idea

Displaying designs and receiving feedback is complicated

DesignHub was born out of the need for organization of the design process. As designers are working, storing files locally and on Google Drive is not the best answer. We wanted a way to display our designs to clients and somewhere we could receive feedback in a more organized way than Slack or email. DesignHub is a platform where you can easily display your designs, receive feedback on iterations and have all of your deliverables in one place. 

The Solution

A place where designers can show their work through the entire product design process.

Design needed to be a tool for the entire product design process. To not only solve small unique problems but be an aid for the entire product design process. This was the design we based a lot of our other work around. A profile page that would house designers work and allow easy access to others projects as well. 

Where do you store your designs?

Where do you publish your designs?

Validating the problem

Do other designers experience these problems?

As designers, we have the benefit of having a network of peers to see if this is a problem others faced. We sent an in-depth survey to over 25 designers in varying disciplines. We also spent time interviewing designers in person to get a better grasp of their design process and where DesignHub could factor in. We quickly found out that designers are very different in the way they store their designs and receive feedback. 

Competitive Analysis

What other options are out there? 

There is a plethora of companies solving problems for designers and it was important to establish what would differentiate DesignHub from them. These companies offer fantastic tools for designers, but they are all extremely specialized and don't solve multiple problems. What we are looking to become is essentially a Github for designers. DesignHub is all in one place for your design process, from the idea all the way to developer handoffs. 

User Journey

Users wanted a familiar journey that displayed their work effectively.

The user base for this app is designers and artists which presented a very specific set of challenges. DesignHub need to have a design an experience that stood out to creatives and was something they would embrace. We looked at some top platforms in the design collaboration space and they way they allowed designers to share their work. From these ideas and from talking to users we were able to create a simple, clean flow that was familiar to users. 

High Fidelity 

A design system made for designers. 

This project was unique in the fact that we were given a few high fidelity screens to base the app of off. Because of the technical challenges that came along with building an app of this complexity as well as our timeline, we jumped quickly into Hi-Fi designs. We designed every step in the user flow around critiques and testing with real designers. After several iterations we landed on designs that were right for the app. 

Reactions from users

As we pushed towards an MVP we started testing the product with real designers. It was really important for us to gain a perspective around what users would be thinking when they first encountered DesignHub. Through conducting several blind tests we were able to quickly identify pain points in the in the process. We continued iterating on these designs until users were able to seamlessly move through the process of posting designs and receiving feedback, the main function of the app. 

The Final Product

As our timeline was coming to a close and the product deadline came near, this is what we delivered. DesignHub is a collaborative platform where you can post your designs, receive feedback and discover inspiration for new designs. All of the features that we originally wanted are fully fuctional. 

Product results

Although DesignHub was only a project to demonstrate the skills of our small team, we quickly had an overload of signups and creatives looking to join the platform. DesignHub is currently being worked on by a new group of developers and designers and will only continue to grow. It was fantastic to be able to work on this product and have the need for DesignHub validated by users.