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Creating a platform for employers to easily connect with candidates that would be the best match for their companies. 

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The Problem 

If you know someone who has been on the job search recently, you've probably heard about their experience. For a lot of people, job searching now consists of mass applications to every position that is even remotely a match and hoping for the best. Often, even those who are well qualified receive minimal responses. Jobzio is looking to eliminate this problem by connecting employers directly to those they are looking to hire.

In a time referred to as "The Great Resignation", finding effective employees is tougher than ever. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find and give employees the environment they are looking for. 

Users & Audience

The target users for Jobzio are young professionals that are looking to return to work who were previously forced to leave for a variety of reasons. 

Like all of us, these people have had a difficult past few years and are looking for jobs that will fulfill them. By using familiar technology we'll be able to better match them to the careers they are looking for. 

Team & Role

I was contracted to work on this project as a Product Designer on a team of three. Having worked on many projects bringing them from ideation to wireframes, that's where I started off. 

Design Process

Although Jobzio would eventually move to mobile, for this project we would be focusing entirely on the Web App. Our goal was to give the founders an MVP that would accomplish all their goals and be intuitive to use. After looking at the features the founders were looking for, and comparing them to existing platforms, we were able to land on a good starting point. A "Tinder" like platform that would match employers directly to candidates based upon account characteristics. 

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After collaborating with the founders of this product, this is the wireframes we ended up with. 


I ended up sketching this out as a quick reference for our user flow and where we want users to end up. We wanted a concise journey from account creation to getting instantly matched with jobs based upon your profile. 

Because of an aggressive timeline, we moved quickly from wireframes to high fidelity designs.

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User Journey

Our goal with the user journey was to keep the app simple and to gather relevant information quickly. We achieved this through a familiar information gathering process to similar apps and a straight forward user flow. After a few steps users are ready to look at relevant jobs. 


Employers In Mind

Unlike existing platforms, we wanted employers to get the opportunity to know candidates personally. We achieved this through personalized questions that went deeper than just asking for references and what college they attended. 



This app was well received and they are currently planning for Jobzio's future. We were able to craft a unique experience that I'm excited for users to try. 

As a result of this project, I was able to continue to expand my skills when it comes to building out a design library and creating forms that receive quality responses.

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