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Increasing revenue with design at Murphy Door

Murphy Door creates concealed furniture, specializing in the creation of hidden doors that ingeniously transform into bookshelves, mirrors, or paintings. Melding aesthetic elegance with practicality, Murphy Door's innovative designs offer space-saving functionality and discreet sophistication for homes seeking a touch of concealed charm.

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The Problem 

The decision to redesign the Murphy Door website was prompted by two major challenges: a low conversion rate and a frustrating user experience. The original site made it difficult for visitors to navigate and understand the product offerings, impacting their ability to make purchases. The redesign aimed to create a more user-friendly and visually appealing platform, ensuring a seamless journey for customers to explore and engage with Murphy Door's concealed furniture solutions.

Users & Audience

Murphy Door's primary audience comprises homeowners seeking space-saving solutions with a flair for concealed furniture. This diverse demographic values both functionality and aesthetics, making them ideal for the seamless integration of hidden doors and beds into their homes. Whether residing in compact urban spaces or spacious suburban dwellings, these individuals appreciate the innovative design that Murphy Door offers to optimize their living areas.

Team & Role

As the lead designer at Murphy Door's, I undertook the responsibility of crafting a visually compelling and user-friendly digital experience. My role encompassed every aspect of the project, ensuring that the aesthetic of Murphy Door's concealed furniture seamlessly translated into an intuitive and engaging online experience. 

Design Process

The design process for Murphy Door's website was a strategic journey rooted in analytics and industry best practices. Starting with comprehensive user research and analysis, I crafted wireframes and prototypes, refining the design based on proven e-commerce strategies. Close collaboration with developers ensured a seamless transition from design to functionality. The result is a visually appealing and user-friendly website, thoughtfully tailored to showcase Murphy Door's concealed furniture offerings with sophistication and efficiency.


This project is still being worked on, but here are some early results from our testing of the old website vs the new one that I designed.

Add to Cart increase

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Value Per Vistor increase

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Product Viewed Increase

image 1014.png

This project is live and currently being worked on, it will be updated as it is completed.

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