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Protection Pro

Creating a way to track employee sales performance and reward productivity.



Protection Pro provides next level protection for all kinds of devices. They sell their products in a variety of stores. In order to improve their sales process and increase KPI's, they wanted an employee dashboard to have insights into the sales process. 

Our task was to take their existing app and update it as well as integrating employee sales tracking and store management

Users & Audience

Team & Role

The employees that would be using this app have a wide age range. A key request was designing for all types of users. One difference with this employee base is their familiarity to the devices they are working with everyday. 

I was contracted to work on this project as a UX Designer specifically working on the employee dashboard, statistics, settings and support.  

Design Process

I was brought onto this project with a design system already in place. My tasks were to design the employee and technical sections of the app. From understanding what our goals were with the employee dashboard, I quickly created a few versions of profiles and a ranking system. 

Group 58.png

The goal for the profile was to show how employees were performing individually. We also incorporated a leaderboard where the top selling employees and stores would be displayed. Gamification was integrated into the app by rewarding employees when they would reach certain achievements like selling specific screen protectors. From these wireframes we moved onto high fidelity designs that included all the specifics.

Group 59.png

Based on the positive feedback we got from the client, we decided to continue on with this style throughout the app. The time invested in the initial iterations was really helpful in us choosing the correct path for the app. From there, we quickly built out the rest of the app with a few different iterations to be tested later on. 

Group 59.png


The app ended up looking great, and being something employees were really excited about. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 the company did not implement the app due to some difficulties. 

I'm still really pleased with where the project ended up and was grateful to work with a fantastic team. 

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