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2 Weeks

Solve Employment is a division of Solve Education, a non-profit based in Singapore. This platform helps connect employers to skilled workers that are looking for freelancing opportunities.  I worked on this project with several other UX designers. I took charge of the Hiring part of the project. 

The Challenge - Site Redesign

The stakeholders presented the challenge of redesigning the platform based upon feedback from clients. These challenges primarily were based around a lack of trust in the platform by hiring partners and also difficulty using the platform by employees. The opportunity to talk to stakeholders about paint points was incredibly helpful. We cataloged these concerns down using and analyzed them. 


The Solution

To develop a platform that could be easily navigated by employees and gain the trust of potential employers. We needed to focus on a mobile-first Android centered platform because of our user base. 

Meeting the user

The employer is the most important role in the product. If we can attract employers, everything else comes after. The research began by discovering the demographics of current employers on the platform and also potential ones. As we interviewed employers, their goals quickly came to light. From these interviews, personas were built to identify with employers. 

The employer journey

The main problem that current employers had was they didn't trust the freelancers they were working with. We needed to establish a sense of confidence while using the site and enable certain measures for financial security. The key to figuring this out was looking at competitors and testing flows out with users. After several rounds of testing we landed on a flow that worked well for employers.  

Moving into High-Fidelity Designs 

The process of a site re-design is much different than building a product from the ground-up. The old website showed us where the flaws were and how we could improve. 


When we started this project our goals was to make a familiar experience that users would trust.  As we got the product into hands of users this is the feedback we got. They really enjoyed that it was made for mobile browsers, and the extra steps in the payment process.