Sketch, Photoshop, Invision


1 Month



Wanderlust is a platform where consumers can easily find and book guided tours. Potential customers can search for guides and assess the quality of these tours and the guides themselves. Guides can easily post and manage tours and advertise the tours to customers.

The Solution

We wanted to develop a platform where guides could easily post and edit their tours. This would also solve consumer's problems of finding the tours and seeing reviews of the guides that are leading them. 

The Challenge

When consumers are looking for guided tours, they can be hard to find. Tours are often buried on websites that are outdated and difficult to navigate. It is a challenge for guides to list the tours they offer without putting a lot of time and money into building a custom website.


What users want

We wanted to build an experience that was familiar and welcoming to users. We reached out to prospective users and guides and this laid the groundwork for an app that would add real value to the guides and their customers. The key to getting this right was interviewing both users and guides and meeting all of their needs. Identifying current pain points in the process of booking a tour and also listing tours was essential. 

User Journey and designing familiarly

The general idea for this app was straightforward, but we wanted to keep our entire target market in mind. As we were reaching out to users, we kept track of similar platforms they mentioned and looked at how they were organized. This lead into building out our user journey and making it as easy as possible for our users to accomplish their goals.  

High fidelity designs. 

I moved from the hand-drawn wireframes straight into the high fidelity designs. I went through several iterations of the user flow, testing each one and seeing what they preferred. We were able to hand pick the users we tested with UserTesting.Com and get applicable feedback.  For the main design of the platform I chose a card-style layout that users would be comfortable with. 


As we wrapped up this project and tested the final product with users this is what we found. Users thoroughly enjoyed the security of going on a guided trip with someone who had been reviewed. The layout and ease of use of the platform was another big win as well. A lot of different users and guides brought up how well the discovery process was. If we were to build this product out in full I believe it would be a big help to users and guides.