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My YouTube journey

I've been creating YouTube videos since I was a teenager. I got serious about video editing and production when I started college and quickly learned what audiences like and how to tell a compelling story. This hobby turned into a media company with hundreds of thousands of subscribers and millions of views per month.

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When I was 12, I first started messing around with Adobe Premiere Pro, a video editing software. Like most teenagers, I had big dreams of gaining traction on YouTube with my amazing videos. Also like most teenagers, I was unaware how much work my videos needed and overestimated how many people would be interested in the content I was creating. I moved from skiing videos, to skits, to gaming and a few other categories. I would eventually have a breakthrough when I started college years later and started taking the YouTube game seriously.


The start of a top 1% channel.

I had never really played that many video games as a teenager. That might seem strange, but I grew up in rural area and was usually outside with my friends or working. Like most teenage boys I did occasionly play Call of Duty or FIFA with my friends, but this was the exception more than the rule. As I started college, I moved in with one of my friends who was very into PC gaming and introduced me to it. I used his spare PC and started playing a new game that has just came out with him. After getting decent at the game, I decided to upload some footage to YouTube to show other friends what we were doing. To my suprise, this gameplay gained a lot of traction and got a ton of views.


I quickly learned what audiences liked and disliked about content. The YouTube comment section is a place where you'll recieve some of the most honest user feedback, people don't hold back. With added effort into editing videos and tailoring content to viewers, I was amazed with the growth the channel recieved. From getting a couple hundred views a month to over 700k was surreal to me...and I got to get paid for making these videos? I couldn't believe it.

Consistency Is Key

What I figured out after putting many hours to YouTube and what I still tell anyone who asks how to be successful on YouTube, is to be consistent. Upload a lot. Your audience will tell you what you did wrong, and the views will reflect if you have found a fit with your audience. I have uploaded over 500 videos to YouTube and still learn new things with every upload.


As the channel grew, I learned how to create videos that viewers would love. I began to add a signature style that my audience would look forward to and would attract new viewers. During 2020 as the pandemic was forcing many to stay inside, I kept producing videos and was rewarded with many new subscribers and viewers.

Designing videos that demand watch time

What makes a great video? In my particular niche, which was survival games, I figured out a formula that worked. Start with an exciting clip that showcased the peak of the content, and cutaway with the intro. This leaves viewers excited to be included in the build up to the most exciting parts of the video. The story then needs to show how things are accomplished while explaining to viewers why things are done. This recipe led to me having an extremely high average watch time for my channel.

My channel has gained over 5 Million hours of watch time or almost 600 years. 


A clear demographic

Analytics don't lie. They tell the past and help predict the future. The audience for my channel was overwhelmingly males ages 18-34 and spoke english. The detailed demographics from YouTube helped me design content specifically for my audience


Whats the channel?

I get asked this question very often and you might be surprised by the answer. I have kept my channels faceless as a way to maintain anonymity. The internet is a big scary place and I prefer to avoid the fame and the risk that comes along with it. I've created multiple channels that have passed 100k+ subscribers and love creating content that audiences enjoy. If you have any questions, you can email me or message me on linkedin.

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