Landon Bassett

About Me

When I was 10, my Dad started working at a startup that helped consumers make buying decisions and educate them about products. I quickly became intrigued with the idea that you could make a website from your home and the entire world could see it. At age 12, I started my first website, a technology review website for teenagers. My passion for making great things quickly evolved from websites, to YouTube videos, to mobile apps.

Contact Details

Landon Bassett
Ogden, Utah
(801) 917-4142



Marketing Manager September '17 - Currently

Since going through Google's Y-Combinator in 2014, Vidpresso has become a compelling tool for the broadcasting industry. Vidpresso allows content creators to interact with their audiences through graphics, polls and social media feeds in their livestreams. My responsibilities here include:

  • - Paid Search Campaigns (Adwords & Facebook Ads)
  • - Generating leads for our sales team
  • - Cold email campaigns
  • - Content creation
  • - Handling client accounts


Growth Manager June '15 - October '15

Allmoxy helps manufacturing companies sell their products online and automate business. I started at Allmoxy doing SEO and steadily moved into driving growth. My responsiblities included:

  • - Optimizing code and content for search engines
  • - Getting customer reviews to improve search engine results
  • - YouTube search optimization
  • - Finding clients through targeted social marketing


Web Design Intern July '14 - August '15

HQ is one of the top development firms in Utah. They make products for some of the biggest names in the tech industry. At HQ, I helped amazing products get even better. My primary work consisted of making sure our products were completely responsive on all types of OS and browsers and that all design elements were uniform. My work at HQ included:

  • - Completing QA for over 20 websites, web and mobile apps that have launched.
  • - Collection and organization of customer reviews.
  • - Social media promotion.
  • - Pointing DNS records to clients websites.


Weber State University

BS in Web and User Experience 2017 - 2020


I don't want this to turn into a LinkedIn Profile, but here are some of the things I love and am great at.

  • Web/Mobile QA
  • Adwords, Adsense & Analytics
  • SEO & SEM
  • HTML & CSS
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Premiere